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Just try to google "I hate Statistics", surprisingly there's a huge of it. Apparently, statistics  is so popular (lol). There's even a group on facebook named I HATE STATISTICS. Wow!
Let's take a look why those people do so.

I, for one, hate statistics for the following reasons:
- It’s pseudomathematics. It dresses up as a concise set of theories and methods, when these would more properly be referred to as cookbooks.
- It’s simplistic. It gives a false sense of understanding about complex systems where no understanding exists. It prevents people from searching for mechanistic explanations that could indeed provide valuable insights.
- It’s self-adulatory. Its practitioners have the courage to call every little possible way to plot data a “tool” or a “method”.
- It’s too widespread. Most college programs that lack the most basic mathematics have their statistics courses (humanities and sciences), which helps spread misconceptions and misuse.

So sleepy... three more chapters to read... I HATE stats. WORST SUBJECT EVER! Why oh why did I choose to take it the last semester of my senior year??? Who gives a shit about the null hypothesis???

I'm cycling between extreme bouts of sleepiness and horrible anxiety about my exam, which is in 4 hours (holy fuck, how did time go by so fast?!?!) I need to make a 66 on the final to pass. Please cross your fingers, say prayers, or what ever thing you do for good luck. I have to pass this class to graduate and it is my next to last final. OK, must study more now. More info to CRAM into my exhausted brain.

Paul Dalton
 There- do you understand? I don’t for what it is worth, but I accept that it is true. I have to do that a lot in my work. I have never been really good with math, yet my work requires looking at statistics. Concepts like confidence intervals and power equations are beyond my ability to truly understand- but I look at them and use them in my work all the time. Is that a weakness for me as an treatment activist- probably.
And that is why I hate statistics.

I agree that most people think the field should be renamed "sadistics" but I am not 100% sure why it's so despised.

Statistics does suck. It is useless garbage that I will NEVER use. I am 54 years old and I have NEVER used it at work or even running my own business for 18+ years, so what the hell do I need if for now? I have to take it to graduate with my degree.
I bore two boys, raised them, I have undergone open heart surgery and I have NEVER experienced the level of frustration and pain as I have had in this statistics class.
The textbook is POORLY written and the online venue? DON’T have anything to do with Pearson!
I would rather eat glass, drive a pencil through my eye AND walk on coals then to put up with this crap.
There has been nothing my whole life, that could not be figured out by using just addtion, subtraction, multiplying and dividing. The plus? No STUPID rules, that if this happens, then use this or if there is this do this. PLAAEEEEZE! Who thought this junk up????

I hate statistics for a number of reasons:
- My intro professor was without a doubt the worst professor I have ever had. This was essentially intro to statistics for non-statisticians and she took powerpoint slides right from the textbook and threw them up on a screen. Needless to say, it was absolutely useless. Then, during the lab session, she was trying to teach us R without giving us a good background on the concepts. Thankfully, I found a book that barely got me through the class and gave me a great appreciation for some of the concepts. The worst professors are those who lecture for 90 minutes, then say “Any questions.” At which point you don’t even know where to start because s/he lost you in minute two and didn’t care. This was stats for me.

actually all of my CS professors were pretty dynamic. It’s the projects I didn’t like :)

I may have mentioned it before, but statistics is the worst subject ever to be inflicted on a student. It's even worse than maths.

I'm half way thru my online statistics course & I too hate it. It makes no sense to me. i can do the work & give them an answer, but I'm not really learning it. Thankfully only 2 tests left.
It does really stink though. It's confusing to me. Maybe taking it online was not a good idea. it might hve made more sense if I had a teacher lecturing on the material.

Jon Peltier
I don’t think people dislike statistics because they are bad at math (though they may be bad at math).
I don’t think the uncertainty is the reason, or the order it imposes.
I think the major reason people dislike statistics is that it was poorly taught in whatever classes they took. Perhaps the instructor didn’t get it, or didn’t do the examples well.
A related reason that people don’t like statistics is that any examples they ever saw were not relevant to something they understood or cared about.
I wasn’t wild about the classroom statistics I had, but what I’ve learned since then has been interesting.

It sucks soo bad. I get headaches doing this crap (

So, why do you think you should love statistics? :D 


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